Muhlis Gedik alias moogo
producer, engineer and musician out of passion

Westlake Studios, Hollywood/LA


The restless energetic artist fuses different musical genres to create something utterly new- in doing so his mixes range from an indian sitar or an anatolian flute entwined within a pounding electro beat, or an oriental darbuka encased within a polished pop production.

Through this innovative melding of digital and traditional sounds, moogo skillfully and playfully defines new musical landscapes which both challenge the mind and which also envokes a physical response from the dance floor.

The only borders he encounters are those created within his imagination and philosophy.


… about Muhlis


“Muhlis – thanks for coming, music first always!”Bruce Swedien­ (Michael Jackson's audio engineer)



Audio Engineer | Cologne


Lecturer | Cologne


Pro Tools Specialist | London

Videos and productions

aLife – Muhlis Gedik

moogo – The Secret

moogo – Marx & Engels